Ash Grove Cement is constantly innovating product solutions to meet an emerging industry need or meet needs unique to your project. These are some of the Ash Grove products proven to meet the most common, or challenging, situations.

Type IL

Portland-limestone cement (PLC) Type IL is formulated with a higher limestone content and manufactured with less embodied energy than ordinary portland cement (OPC). Portland-limestone cement (PLC) Type IL is governed by ASTM C595 or AASHTO M 240 Standard Specification for Blended Hydraulic Cements. It is a blended cement manufactured with a limestone content between 5% and 15%. Optimized particle packing and enriched nucleation sites allow PLCs to match the performance of ASTM C150 Standard Specification for Portland Cement Types I and II.

Type I-II

Type I-II meets the specification requirements for both ASTM C150 Type I and Type II, the most widely used cement for many kinds of concrete construction.

Available in the West, Midwest, Texas, U.S. Great Lakes and Florida.

Type III 

This cement provides high strengths at an early age. It is chemically and physically similar to Type I cement, except that its particles have been ground finer. It is used when forms need to be stripped as soon as possible or when the structure must be put into service quickly.

Available in the West, Midwest and U.S. Great Lakes.

Type II-V

This type of cement gains strength more slowly than Type I cement and is used primarily in concrete exposed to severe sulfate attack -  where soils or groundwaters have a high sulfate content. This cement is particularly effective for structures such as sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

Available in the Western United States and U.S. Great Lakes.

Durapoz® F

Duracem® F is ground, Class F fly ash which is sold as a stand-alone product.


Durabase® uses CKD (cement kiln dust) and is effective in soil stabilization projects, extending the service life of our nation’s roads and parking surfaces. Formerly landfilled, creating a high-value use for this product is part of Ash Grove’s overall commitment to sustainable development.

Duracem® F

Duracem® F is an ASTM C595 blended cement that also meets ASTM C1157 performance specifications. It is made with interground Class F fly ash. Note, the fly ash addition rate varies.

Duracem® N

Duracem® N is a blended cement with calcined clay. This natural pozzalon comes for the Class N designation for natural pozzolan in ASTM C618.


DURA SLAG® is a slag cement which has latent hydraulic cement properties. Using slag cement as a partial replacement of the portland cement can enhance plastic and hardened properties of concrete. DURA SLAG® meets specifications in ASTM C989 Grade 120 and AASHTO T302.

Type S Masonry / Type N Masonry

Lab tests show our products have excellent bond strength and adhesion with masonry units, resulting in less droppage waste and high water retention that resists rapid loss of moisture from the mortar, reducing the need for retempering.